CSG training is a mandatory requirement for every security guard thus we have made it compulsory for all of our security guards to attend this course. This course would alleviate their skills and understanding of security. To mitigate the shortage of seats for the training we are utilising every available RMP training centres that conduct this training. 
The training module are :
  • Introduction To Safety Industry
  • Misuse / Threat Of Drug
  • Police Report
  • Loyalty To Employer
  • Fire Extinguish / Fire Fighting
  • First Aid
  • Arrest And Body Inspection
  • Command Task
  • Introduction And Role Of CIT Personnel
  • Integrity
  • Human Right And Self Defense Right
  • Effective Communication
  • First Officer On Site
  • Procedure To Testify In Court
  • Introduction To Communication Tools
  • Introduction To Fire Arm