Unarmed Guard

Static Security Assistants are trained & able security personnel that could be deployed to your premises with minimum induction. Personnel are with minimum 2 years experience in Guarding and vetted by KDN

Elite Security Guards

Elite Security Assistants are mainly personnel who are ex Military, ex Police or ex government employees with security background. Due to their experience & knowledge on security or safety the utilisation of these personnel are targeted at a niche market.

Mobile Escort/Surveillance

We conduct motorised surveillance on high value containers and cargos either on unmarked motorcycles, cars or 4 x 4 vehicles. Personnels would be equipped with communications and for this purpose Unarmed.

Guard Dogs

We provide Guard Dogs that are trained by our strategic partner and package with our Guarding services to safeguard premises with High Risks categories. Premises that requires such services are Factories, Warehouses, Constructions sites and vast open areas where usage of Guard Dogs in an added advantage.